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  • Neem Oil Shampoo

    Neem Oil Shampoo

    Neem Oil Shampoo
    Perfect for Dogs and Cats
    Quantity: 5000ml

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    Neem oil is particularly disagreeable to parasites. Therefore, the special combination with green clay and tea tree oil represents an excellent, natural and safe protection for dogs and cats. It tends to balance, absorb, and repair Cleans deeply without changing the natural characteristics of skin and fur.
    It is especially effective at soothing skin irritations and eliminating dandruff and itching.
    The high-quality ingredients feed essential nutriments to the hair roots, strengthen the keratin, prevent flaking and make the skin structure compact, tonic and elastic.
    This shampoo represents an excellent support for the successive application of spot-on, lotion or collar, to obtain a more effective barrier effect.

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