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  • Nourishment and volume shampoo

    Nourishment and volume shampoo

    With grape seed and olive oil, soy proteins, maize and wheat proteins.

    This shampoo was specially formulated to give volume and hold to the fur. Great to nourish and repair worn-out hair.


    Ideal for dogs

    Quantity: 250 ml

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    This shampoo gives a special volume to the fur, thanks to its precious conditioning ingredients. The fur results fluffy and also very soft from the emollient and protective properties of grape seed oil and from olive oil, which is softening, sun screening and grease balancing. The nourishing action of soy, maize and wheat proteins promotes the constructive activity of the hair cells, resulting in a strong, healthy, repaired and moisturized coat.

    Use the detangling and volumizing conditioner to improve the fluffy effect and to make combing and brushing easier.


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