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  • Shampoo for wire and short coats

    Shampoo for wire and short coats

    With milk aminoacids, allantoin, keratin, arnica and ground olive seeds.

    This shampoo for short and wire coats combines a deep cleaning action with a strengthening and keratinizing effect, resulting in a wire, dense and nourished fur. Its scrub action promotes the skin regeneration and the natural removal of loose hair.


    Ideal for dogs

    Quantity: 250 ml

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    This is a highly repairing and restoring shampoo. It contains keratin that supports the hair and skin keratin, while making the fur particularly hard and protecting the skin. Allantoin has keratoplastic properties and makes the skin softer, plastic and protected, while promoting the skin repair process. Therefore, it is fit for hand stripping of wire coats. Milk aminoacids nourish and moisturize the fur, and arnica soothes and stimulates the skin. Finally, ground olive seeds perform an innovating scrub action that stimulates and promotes the natural skin regeneration. This gentle mechanical action helps to remove loose hair, while making hand stripping easier and quicker.

    Do not apply any conditioner after the shampoo, in order not to soften the fur. We suggest you to apply the shining spray to point out the sheen of the hair.


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