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  • Purifying shampoo

    Purifying shampoo

    With Tea Tree Oil, oats and mint

    This base shampoo is fit for particularly dirty dogs. Cleans deeply and controls odours.

    This shampoo has a deep cleaning and purifying action. 

    Ideal for dogs

    Quantity: 250 ml

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    Mint and sage purify and refresh the skin, while soothing itching and controlling bad odour. Tea Tree Oil’s properties help to hinder mycosis and bacteria; its particular scent controls odour and is offensive for parasites. Oats have a refreshing and softening action. They are rich in very nourishing proteins and lipids, which form a moisturizing, softening and protective layer resulting in a healthy and elastic skin. This shampoo cleans deeply but respects your pet’s fur.

    Use the nourishing conditioner to improve the nourishing and softening action of this shampoo.

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