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Plastic Top Electric Lifting Table

This extremely stable and strong electric bath is perfectly suited to a busy salon that caters to most breeds.

It features adjustable chassis which allows the height to be altered to a comfortable working height.

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  • Made from easy-clean polypropylene blended fibreglass, strong and durable.
  • Ranging from 72cm to 137cm. This also allows for medium sized and older dogs to be able to step into the bath.
  • Features 2 sliding doors on both sides to make accessing the bath easy.
  • Includes two tub bottom panels, easy for small pets and puppy;
  • The base of the bath is also patterned to provide an easy grip for the pet.
  • The full internal depth of the tub is 42cm, 100kg maximum weight, making the bath suitable for larger dog breeds.
  • Supplied with plumbing fixtures;
  • Available in blue or fuchsia.
  • Overhead grooming arms included.