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  • Nourishing Cream after-shampoo

    Nourishing Cream after-shampoo

    With hop, bamboo, milk aminoacids and biotin.

    This very nourishing after-shampoo has a strong detangling, softening and antistatic action. Great to apply a repairing compress to worn-our, dry or weak hair.


    Ideal for dogs

    Quantity: 250 ml

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    his formula consists of nourishing, strengthening and normalizing ingredients that make the hair healthy and dense again.

    This after-shampoo consists of specific ingredients for the well-being of skin and fur. 

     Hop gives again elasticity to the skin, and it nourishes and repairs the skin. Bamboo pith contains many nourishing active principles that strengthen the hair deeply. Milk aminoacids moisturize and nourish the coat Jojoba oil is a liquid wax that strengthens the coat and nourishes it intensively, while leaving it shiny, soft, dense but not greasy. Allantoin is an active principle with a strong moisturizing, softening, keratoplastic and smoothing action. Biotin is a B group vitamin containing sulphur that performs an essential action in the metabolism of lipids, glucides and proteins, resulting in strong and healthy skin and fur.