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  • XPower Pet Dryer B-16

    XPower Pet Dryer B-16

    The X-Power B-16 is simply one of the best dryers on the market, if not the best. Τhe X-Power B-16 uses the very latest technology in brushless motors to deliver an extremely energy efficient and reliable dryer that ensures low running costs and zero long term maintenance issues, unlike dryers that use brush motors.


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    The air inlet is located at the base of the unit rather than the back or the side which significantly reduces the amount of dog hair that gets sucked into the filter.

    The X-Power B-16 is quiet, incredibly quiet. This means that your work environment is much quieter, which is better for you and your customers dogs and your health & safety noise pollution obligations. It also means you will hear the phone when it rings and be able to answer it without having to shout at the top of your voice.

    In respect of power, there really isn't any competition. With a maximum power air output of 300CFM the B-16 is the most powerful dryer on the market. The motor has a stepless speed control that gives precise control over the air flow from 0 to 300CFM.

    There are 3 heat settings, and an anionic function that allows trillions of negative ions to contact the coat to help reduce static.

    The X-Power B-16 is supplied with a patented, tilting head, hydraulic height adjusting, 5 legged stand with lockable wheels that allow for closer positioning to the grooming table compared to other dryers. It has a 360o rotating nozzle for directional air control and 4.25m power cord. The motor is controlled by a stepless speed switch that gives precise control over the air flow from 0 to 300CFM.

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