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  • Conditioning Repair Cream - Repairing balsam

    Conditioning Repair Cream - Repairing balsam

    With Wheat proteins and Karité Butter

    Softens and moisturizes pets fur.

    Complements and strengthens the properties of the shampoos.


    Repairing balsam was  developed  primarily  for  dogs  and  cats with  long,  hard  to  manage  fur.  Nourishes and protects the fur. Supports and strengthens the skin structure.


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    Regenerates and moisturizes skin and fur. Prevents fur mats and tangles. It  is  ideal  as  a preservative  against  matting  and  hair  becoming brittle  and  dry.  It  preserves  the  fur’s  natural properties,  making  it  soft,  supple,  and  easy  to maintain. 



    Grapefruit Seed extract, Soy Proteins, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Karité Butter, Plant Collagen and Wheat Proteins.

    Quantity: 200ml

    Ideal for dogs



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