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  • Adhesive Patches (non woven)

    Adhesive Patches (non woven)

    In the middle of the pad and at equal distance from the ends, there is a special pad which is highly absorbent and nonstick simultaneously, so as not to stick to the wound surface.

    Ref.Code Size
    AS.1-130 207 7.5x5cm 
    AS.1-130 208 9x5cm
    AS.1-130 210 9x10cm
    AS.1-130 212 9x15cm
     AS.1-130 213 9x20cm 

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    The pad is sterilized with ethylene oxide "EO", is permeable to water vapor and air and provides a large capacity and fast absorbing secretions. It is hypoallergenic, therefore particularly skin-friendly, thanks to the controlled adhesive mass. It is packaged individually wrapped with a special type of paper.