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Lumimed LD12A Illuminator

LumiVision (formally Lumimed) introduces a new generation of Flat Screen Illuminators. Slim, multifunctional, and accurate, the Lumimed LD design asthetically brings a modern, professional look to any office or clinic. The slim modern design makes for high spacial applications. Only 1.5 inch thickness.

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  • 16 Electrode Flourescent Lamps per Bank generating magnificent luminance and light consistency.

  • On/Off Switch Controls for each bank.

  • Fine Dimming Controls (available as an option) highly suitable for accurate readings.

  • Automatic "Film Activated Switching" (FAS)(available as an option) for instantaneous lumination when film is inserted.

  • High Luminance ideal for diagnosis of x-ray films.

  • Electrode Flourescent Lamps are flicker free.

  • 1.5 Inch Thickness provides a modern sleek image.

  • Lightweight (Single Bank wieghs only 11 lbs) with pleasing Metallic asthetics.

  • Power Requirements: 100~240VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • One Year Warranty on Parts and Labor.

Comparison to Conventional Viewers:
  • Traditional Fluorescent Lamp lasts 3,000 hours. Lumivision uses Electrode Fluorescent Lamp which lasts approx. 20,000 hours.

  • Conventional Viewers are suitable for Colored Films, approx. 6,400 kelvin. Lumivision is suitable for X-ray Films, approx. 8,600 kelvin.

  • Conventional viewers make it impossible to create the luminance according to the delveloped film density. With the Optional Multi Function Light-Dimming Switch for each bank, Lumivision increases efficiency.

  • Slim Modern Design makes for high spacial application: 1.5 inch thickness.