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  • URYXXON Relax Automated urine analysis

    URYXXON Relax Automated urine analysis

    The URYXXON® Relax provides dependable urine status results to detect early stages of many diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and urinary tract infections.

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    Instrument-read results have long proven to be advantageous for both, busy health care professionals and patients. URYXXON® Relax readings eliminate the subjectivity of visual colour interpretation.

    The comprehensive interface options and the optimized printouts minimize risks associated with manual transcriptions.



    Test stripsURYXXON®Stick 10


    50 strips/h

    Instrument memory

    200 patient test results including name or patient ID


    User: Touch screen display, alphanumeric input, password protection,
    Computer: USB interface for connection to PC alternatively RS232 interface for connection to PC and PS/2 interface for connection of keyboard and/or barcode reader

    Power requirements

    110-240 V AC, automatic,
    Battery powered operation (optional) with 6 AA batteries


    Depth: 20 cm (8 inches)
    Width: 16 cm (6 inches)
    Height: 7.5 cm (3 inches)


    Weight: 710 g (1.90 lb)
    (without batteries and power supply)


    Temperature range: 5-40 °C (41 °F-104 °F),
    Humidity range: 20-80% relative humidity, non condensing,
    Calibration: automatic, self-calibrating