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  • Proden Lysine Αid Gel Cat 50ml

    Proden Lysine Αid Gel Cat 50ml

    L-Lysine Supplement for the management of Feline Herpes (FHV-1) in kittens and cats. 

    Lysine administration has been shown to inhibit replication of the Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1) and can be used in the management of FHV-1 infection*LysineAid is a very palatable and easy to give gel specifically for cats.

    Quantity: Gel 50ml

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    L-Lysine is an amino acid which is naturally present in proteins and can play a key role in the management of herpesvirus infection.It has been shown that during replication of feline herpesvirus an increase in L-Lysine levels has inhibiting e ects on the virus,as it competes with arginine (another amino acid) in the replication process

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