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  • Nylon dog muzzle

    Nylon dog muzzle

    - Soft and comfortable
    - It restrains your dog from barking and biting
    - It lets your dog pant and drink easily 


    Available in various sizes.

    Choose the appropriate size according to the table below


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    Size Code Recommended Breed  
    1 D155 Bassotto, Carlino, Whippet, Westy  
    2 D156 Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Barboncino  
    3 D157 Bull Terrier, Dobermann, P.Tedesco, Labrador, Retriever, Setter  
    4 D158 Segugio, Pastore dei Pirenei, San Bernardo
    4XL D160 Segugio, Pastore dei Pirenei, San Bernardo (XL)
    5XL D161 Mastino, Rottweiler (XL)
    8 D162 Boxer


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