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  • Vetmedcare Dog&Cat Body for male dogs and cats

    Vetmedcare Dog&Cat Body for male dogs and cats

    After surgery, the protection of the surgical wound is a central concern. For this purpose, the Dog & Cat bodysuit was developed in close collaboration with veterinary surgeons. 

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    The Dog & Cat bodysuit is made of skinfriendly wash-and-wear material. Its elasticity and perfect fit ensure high wearing comfort. The front and back leg openings have special flat and stretch seams that help to avoid unnecessary sores. The belly area is fully smooth, as the seam runs along the back.

    Colour: greenish blue

    The Dog & Cat bodysuit protects sensitive areas from dirt, scratching, and licking.

    Thus, veterinary care is ensured over an extended time.


    Sizes and Breeds

    Sizes and Breeds


    Yorkshire terrier, Lhasa apso, Chihuahua


    Maltese, Pekingese, Miniature poodle, Terriers


    Daschund, Fox terrier, Pug, Beagle, Poodle


    Collie, Chow Chow, Cocker spaniel


    Doberman, Dalmatian, Labrador retriever


    St Bernard’s, Mastiff, Rottweiler