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  • Stainless Steel Bowl for Dogs

    Stainless Steel Bowl for Dogs

    Ideal for Dogs

    Κωδικός Μέγεθος(ΔxΥ) Χωρητικότητα
    C044 18x5cm 1000ml
    C057 18x7cm 1800ml
    C047 24x6.5cm 2100ml
    C048 26x7cm 2600ml
    C058 22x10cm 2800ml
    C059 26x12cm 5500ml
    C049 28x8cm 3500ml
    C058/A 24x11cm 4000ml
    C060 28x12.5cm 6500ml

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    Made of Stainless Steel, with rubber bands to stop the bowl from moving and the noise from its movement when your dog is eating and drinking.

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