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  • EeziCatch Cat Trap Solid Floor

    EeziCatch Cat Trap Solid Floor

     One of our range of high quality cat traps designed specifically for TNR ensuring the safe capture and temporary containment of cats and kittens.

    >>  Lightweight
    >>  Solid floor

    >>  Transfer door panel

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    The EeziCatch is a self-activating trap designed to catch a single cat. It is built from 2.5cm x 2.5cm, 1.6mm wire mesh, covered in powder coating to ensure a long life and coloured green to help the trap to blend into the background. We have strived to make a trap that is lightweight but does not trade off weight for strength. The EeziCatch Cat Trap will last for many years of constant use. To set the trap, simply raise the outward opening front door above the trip bar. As the cat steps on the mesh treadle plate, the door is locked using a simple sliding ring mechanism to make catching the cat a gentle stress free operation. The back door slips up perfectly to transfer the cat into the MDC Trap Transfer Restrainer (236-354) and other MDC end panel baskets. Dimensions: Length 78cm x Width 30cm x Height 30cm. Weight: 7kg.

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